What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most well–known blogging application on the web, utilized by many sites seen by millions of individuals each day. It represents an open–source project with hundreds of volunteers working on it worldwide. Gradually, WordPress has grown from a tiny blog setup instrument to a mature content management platform for developing all kinds of websites.

This incredible application is equipped with an entire site setup platform which you can adjust for your special needs with just a few mouse clicks. Thousands of widgets and plugins boost its functionality to the extent it can easily be applied for virtually any type of website – from a dog’s homepage to a big enterprise web site. In addition, it is completely free – there’s no reason to pay any person a license fee.

WordPress is a registered trademark of the WordPress Foundation and is not connected with N-MAN.

WordPress–Optimized Hosting Services with a Point–and–Click Control Panel

Thanks to our WordPress–optimized shared website hosting plans solutions, you will get your own private or enterprise WordPress web site published on the www with a simple click. All you need to do is go for WordPress from the app installation drop–down menu and once we create your account, we’ll install WordPress for you. Consequently, you will be ready to start working on your web site immediately after the signup procedure has been completed and you won’t have to handle any sort of tech settings.

The WordPress–optimized shared website hosting plans plans feature a drag–and–drop File Manager where your WordPress files will be stored, a Database Manager for your own databases, along with an all–inclusive Email Accounts Manager from where you can manage your e–mail messages with simply a mouse click.

Free WordPress Themes

And with each individual WordPress–optimized shared website hosting plans package, you’ll have access to various complimentary WordPress layout themes, built right within our Web Hosting Control Panel.

Each and every one of our WordPress web themes is entirely free of charge for you to work with and to customize any way you prefer. You’re able to quickly add any of them to your WordPress installation and reconstruct your web site into a portfolio, an organization website, a beauty parlor homepage, etc.